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Mira Tuft 3000

 Six reasons why Mira Tuft 3000 will make you shine:

Mira Tuft Benefit - Easy to learn and use

  1. Easy to learn and use
  2. Integrated drawing & tuft processing commands
  3. Interactive tufted carpet simulation
  4. Support for a wide range of machine formats
  5. Precise production planning
  6. Wilcom's leadership in textile solutions

1. Easy to learn and use

Mira’s sharp new user interface, intuitive tools and Windows-based work space mean you’ll make a fast and easy transition to Mira Tuft. 

You’ll appreciate the sophisticated WYSIWYG tools and capabilities which will speed up your work time.

Mira Tuft Benefit - Integrated drawing & tuft processing commands

2. Integrated drawing & tuft processing commands

Mira Tuft contains a powerful set of tufting commands as well as all the drawing tools required for carpets and rug design.

With this kind of integration you can concentrate on your design without needing to switch back and forth between two different software packages.

Mira Tuft Benefit - Interactive tufted carpet simulation

3. Simulate your tufted rug or carpet as you design

See a realistic representation of the finished rug or carpet while designing to make sure we are using the best effects and color combinations. Our simulation is the only one in the market that provides instant feedback and becomes an interactive part of the design process

Watch your cut pile or loop pile and color combinations come to life with space dye yarns. Ensure efficient product development by getting a preview of the finished product or print these simulations as a cost effective alternative to sales/marketing sampling.

Mira Tuft Benefit - Support for a wide range of machine formats

4. Create designs for a wide range of machine formats

There’s not much point in creating a design that does not work on your machines. Wilcom has an active relationship with the major tufting machine manufacturers to provide a wide range of machine formats and to ensure continued cooperation in future developments

Our affiliations allows us to support all brands of tufting machines and regularly add new formats as they become available.
Mira Tuft Benefit - Precise production planning

5. Get the job done the way you planned

Simplify the process and make sure your tufting design turns out the way you planned. With Mira Tuft’s unique TDP design file format all the simulation and production information is captured in one single file.

Plan your production and order requirements accurately and efficiently with Mira Tuft extensive set of production reports. Work out your yarn consumption, weight per square metre, cone management, thread-up instructions and more.

6. Wilcom’s continued commitment to you

We’re here for the long haul. Wilcom has been a leader in textile CAD/CAM solutions for over 27 years and has a proven comittment to ongoing innovation and development. 

We have been actively engaged with machine manufacturers and carpet tufters to produce Mira Tuft 3000 Version 6.0 which is the most current comprehensive design software to be released yet to the industry.