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AutoTuft Pneumatic Tufting Head – incorporating patented features

Full Speed non-stop tufting of varying pile types, pile heights and stitch lengths, with any mixture of horizontal, vertical, angled, or spiral fills and outline tufting.

  • Rotating Tufting Needle (Patented): “needle only” rotation for fast, smooth, full speed cornering with high reliability and low wear
  • Auto “Cut/Loop” Capability (Patented): the machine automatically switches between cut pile and loop pile on a tuft-by-tuft basis according to the design. Each tuft can be specified as cut pile or loop pile.
  • 3D Tufting (Patented): automatically tuft varying pile heights, on a tuft-by-tuft basis, in cut pile, loop pile, or cut+loop pile according to the design.

Fitted with a reliable guillotine yarn cutting system for consistently cutting multiple yarns and a wide range of yarn types and thicknesses.

Autotuft V2010 Pneumatic Head: