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Introducing AutoTuft

AutoTuft is a cutom rug tufting machine that provides the hand-crafted quality of traditional tufting, while removing the high costs involved in production. Not only does AutoTuft create consistently high quality and accurate designs, but it also allows for unique textures and effects, perfect for custom designer rugs and wall hangings.


AutoTuft Machines

The machines are of sturdy, rigid industrial construction for high speed operation at continuous production speeds up to 2,000 tufts/min, providing exact tuft placement for accurate smooth curves, sharp corners and small stitches at full tufting speed.

Modular Interchangeable Pneumatic or Mechanical (Needle & Blade) Tufting Heads are available, allowing you to customise your machine for your target market and your design styles.

Machine Accessories:
  • Removable Stretch Frames
  • Frame Trolley (pneumatic lift)
  • Yarn Creel with sensors

AutoTuft machines are controlled by a modern user Friendly Operator-Machine Interface. This interface provides the operator will all the tools required to tuft the most unique and creative rug designs possible.

Some of the features include being able to see the tufting progress during operation, make any required design registration adjustments, and the ability for on-machine mending; eliminating the need for any manual repairs.