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Tufting Effects

AutoTufts advanced control system and many patented features allow for creative effects and production rates unrivaled by our competitors. See below for some of the effects and textures possible with AutoTuft.

Cut and Loop Pile Textures

3D Effects

3D Effects can be created in Cut Pile, Loop Pile, or Cut+Loop Pile, giving your designers the ability to create uniquely textured and sculptured rugs.




Auto Cut/Loop

AutoTufts patented Auto Cut/Loop system gives you the ability to create unique textures and patterns with a single yarn colour, not possible with traditional hand tufting. Cut+Loop design sections are continuously tufted, without stopping or pausing, which provides the highest possible machine production rate.



The Auto Cut/Loop system can changle pile types on a stitch-by-stitch basis allowing very fine detailed designs to be tufted - even create unique photo tapestry.

Matching Tufting to Fabrics

Use AutoTuft's many features and effects to branch out into new market areas, such as matching tufted items to fabrics for the home furnishings market. (Combined 3D and cut+loop designs)